Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blog Post 9

Mr. McClung
Mr. McClung opens his essay stating that teachers have lost the drive to make their lessons student-centered and have become more focused on making them teacher centered. He then goes on to explain that it's okay if something isn't exactly on time; you have to learn how to be flexible in certain areas. Mr. McClung also hits a very good point in stating to remember to be reasonable. I agree, because sometimes teachers do have unrealistic expectations and demands. He also writes that we shouldn't be scared of technology, and to listen to our students. Lastly he writes to never stop learning. My first reaction after reading his essay is that Mr. McClung writes from a real place and has an understanding on how to write for the way life really is. He also gives excellent advice. Too often, teachers do forget that the students are the center and not the test and not their co-workers.


  1. Kayla,

    I agree that we can learn a lot from Mr. McClung because his advice is extremely relevant to us. He is a new teacher, and our experiences will be similar to his. I think he is definitely trust worthy, and we should take his advice and apply it to our teaching. I agree that many teachers teach to the test and want to do things their way, but we have to remember that we are there for the students. We must adapt to them to help them succeed in their educational journey.

  2. I also liked what Mr. McClung had to say in his blog post. Teachers need to learn how to be more effective no matter how new or old they are to the profession, and Mr. McClung gave excellent examples on how they can do that. I agree with you that Mr. McClung understands how things really are in life. Teachers can’t always expect everything to go as planned and they have to make sure they’re doing what’s best for their students, not just themselves. Well done on your post.