Thursday, March 3, 2011


"The Fischbowl Post 1"
I was assigned to Karl Fisch's post called the Fischbowl. The first post I commented on was about how there is no one right way to include technology into the classrooms. He stated that with budget cuts, not every school can afford to add a new teacher who only teaches technology. He also implied that by adding a technology aspect in every class and not just one would be more resourceful. He was also very optimistic in saying we've come far, but we still have 89 more years left in this century. I also stated back that I agree, budget cuts are continuously going on because of the economy, and maybe students will learn better by having technology in all classes instead of just one dedicated to technology any way.
Post 2
The next post I commented on was about thinking something is impossible. Mr. Fisch stated that too often teachers hear students say that they cannot do something because it's too hard or it's impossible. He then included a video of two people fitting themselves into a tiny box, which most people would say is impossible. His post was very inspiring and motivational. I replied back that I agree 100% because too many people think things are impossible and give up before they even try. The video you see is the same video that was on his post.

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