Saturday, March 26, 2011

C4K 4-6

My C4K 4 assignment was Pt England school in New Zealand. I was assigned Ray from room 18. Ray's posted that he was in room 18. I commented back and asked what sort of things does he like about being in room 18 and what was he learning currently. I also included a link where Ray could find information about me and leave a comment or question if he needed.
C4K 5
My 5th assignment was Amos from Room 22 at Pt England school. Amos collected birthdates from his classmates and plotted his results on a graph. Amos found that the most common birthdays are in June. Amos did a great job of plotting and displaying the information he collected.
This assignment was from Melville Room 8 in New Zealand. I had the Y8 room which were students 12-13 years old and their teacher is Mr.Webb. Their class blog is filled with videos and pictures about different things going on in their classroom as well as New Zealand. I was assigned to Alana's slideshow on the differences between Denmark and New Zealand. She did a great job of including national animals, sports, and what each country is known for. I commented and told her that her slide show was excellent and included a link to my blog where she could find my summary of her post.

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