Thursday, April 28, 2011


Post 1
My assignment was to comment on Mr. Wees' blog. His post was about "Edcamp Vancouver- The best Professional Development." He stated that this professional development session turned out to be successful for a couple of reasons.
1. People weren't required to come, it was optional.
2. They kept the actual lecture to around 15-20 minutes, the rest of the time was spent talking and gaining the opinion of other colleagues.
I commented that this sounded like an amazing session because the actual lecture wasn't so long, it left time to still be excited to talk to other professionals.
Post 2
The second post was about how people in the U.S. aren't as educated in math and science as other countries. Mr. Wees stated something that stuck out to me, he said that we are being taught but we aren't learning the material. For example, he states that most students in the U.S. can tell you "the slope equals rise over run, and can name parts of a cell, but cannot apply any of these to real life."
Mr. Wees is so correct, if I were handed an organism to view under a microscope I would have no idea if I where looking at mitochondria or the golgi apparatus. Mr. Wees made me more open-minded to the idea that our education system is truly failing. I commented on his post and left a link to my blog and thanked him for sharing his insight on the situation.

Final Project- Symbaloo

At the beginning of the semester, I wasn't sure what all to add to my symbaloo in order to help me in EDM310. Michael Armstrong and I created a Symbaloo webmix that serves as a starting point for future students of EDM310. This webmix features every possible link and tool that a student will need to use or could use to enhance their experience in EDM310.
Step 1: Go to symabloo
Step 2: Create a user name and a password
Step 3: Select Start your webmix
Step 4: Next, click Add a Webmix at the top right
Step 5: Search EDM310 (the description will say "this webmix will help get you started on symbaloo"
Final Step: click add this page!!!!!!!

To View Our Webmix: EDM310

PLN Final Report

Looking back at the first post on my PLN, my PLN has grown overwhelmingly. I didn't understand at the start of the semester of how helpful symbaloo can be. However, I use symbaloo for everyday purposes, not just for EDM310; of course I have EDM310 tiles added to my symbaloo to make my projects easier, but I also have tiles for my own personal reasons. My PLN keeps me organized without having to open a million windows and going through google. Before EDM, I had never heard about a PLN or symbaloo, now I can't imagine not using it. Thanks Dr. Strange!

Special Assignment- Metaphors

I embarrassingly missed the metaphor in Tom Johnson's post. After re-reading his post, the metaphor was painfully obvious. I think that I missed the metaphor because I was taking his post too seriously and was partially confused. I was so concerned about making sure all of my work was done and turned in on time that I completely missed the metaphor. After Dr. Strange's post, I literally began to see metaphors everywhere. I started with the night news when the meteorologist said the "week calls for clear skies;" I flipped to the sports channel and they stated that the player "was like hitting a brick wall." I also spotted many metaphors on my iPod as well. I think as future educators, we can better explain metaphors and assign metaphor activities to make sure that students don't miss metaphors and can understand metaphors. I think we should use metaphors for many different reasons. Metaphors offer a more creative way to write, speak, do artistic activities, and for everyday life. Metaphors allow people to tell a story saying the facts, but using creative ways to tell the story.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog Post 13

ALEX is the Alabama Learning Exchange and is apart of the Alabama Department of Education. ALEX is a way to share different types of learning materials and also serves as a resource for teachers, parents, and students. It includes lesson plans, links, and educational activities. ALEX is also undergoing change according to feedback.
Under the course of study tab, it lists every course category taught in the state of Alabama public schools, and is adjustable to grade level. The categories also give a link to specific classes that shows the standards that are taught in the class and gives lesson plans to those standards as well. ALEX also provides a workspace that has a user name and password so teachers can create and save lesson plans. The most important link to me is the professional learning link. This link allows for grants to be applied for as well as other links to special education resources, school improvement, leadership, and English learners.
As a future teacher, I think that this website is extremely important to teachers. It provides a resource database as well as tools to help with classroom management. I think the links to special education and English learners is very important; because often teachers who aren't special education teachers will have special education children in their classroom. I think this is a wonderful project and I look forward to using ALEX when I begin teaching.
ACCESS is a program that uses technology in video-conferencing and web based materials. It provides students access to advanced diplomas, dual enrollment, and other great opportunities. Feedback from students are already stating that using ACCESS is better than regular education classrooms, and faculty agrees. This is a great tool to get students into technology and offer them a better education as well. The ACCESS website provides links to sign up for ACCESS, as well as a list of courses, and a link for professionals who would like to become apart of the ACCESS staff. The website also includes a link for students and parents to learn more about ACCESS as well as understand the policies and goals of ACCESS.


My C4K assignment 8 was Jassy, a student from Ms. Thompson's class all the way from Australia. In her post, she discussed the devastation Japan has faced from the tsunami and earthquakes. She also included two beautiful poems; a haiku and an artistic poem. I told her I was very impressed with her poems and I hoped she continues to write in the future even if she doesn't plan on becoming a writer. I also left a link to my blog where she could see what I would be posting about her blog.
Ms. Yollis
Ms. Yollis' classroom blog is very organized. Her video on how to comment is very helpful. She explains how to comment and throughout her blog she stresses the importance of leaving quality comments on her blog; such as correct grammar. She also includes a hmtl code link that has been very helpful throughout the semester for me. Ms. Yollis also involves the parents of her students. She has family blogging month and the family members comment on their student's work. I think involving parents is a very important aspect in keeping a student motivated. Aside from including parents, she also involves other students from different parts of the world. This gives her students a chance to learn and meet people from different cultures.
Hannah's Blog
I was assigned to Hannah's blog. She had a wonderful post about her and her sister donating hair to Locks of Love. Hannah does a wonderful job of leaving pictures of the actual donation as well as links to donate money or hair to the Locks of Love organization. She also leaves instructions on how to donate hair if you would like to become a donor. I commented on her post and thought she was doing a wonderful thing by donating her hair to children who are in need of Locks of Love wigs.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Final Project Progress Report

Today was the first day I started on my final project :) I had to get a new camera because my old camera broke :/ Hope to do well and good luck to all!

Project 15- Book Trailer

Blog Post 12

Why Teachers Should Blog
Visit "teachpaperless" and write a summary of the reaction you had to reading this post. Do you agree or disagree? Explain why or why not.

In this blog, a teacher writes that other teachers should keep blogs not just for keeping up with technology but also as a way of teaching themselves how they feel. The writer explains that writing what you actually feel teaches you as well as allows other teachers or professors to comment and give you an insight into how others think. The writer also states that teachers are the mediums for information and by keeping a blog it makes the teacher more well rounded. I completely agree, even if the blog isn't about learning more about technology, it could be about expressing your thoughts and getting feedback from other teachers.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teach Someone Something Project

Blog Post 11

"Little Kids...Big Potential"
Not only was this video cute it was impressive. These first graders are posting on their blogs, which I didn't start until my third year of college. They commented that every time they comment or create a new post their writing improves. They also use wikis to learn about certain topics in their class. For example, they were assigned to learn about different traditions and they used wikis to achieve this assignment. They also commented about other people from Alabama who worked with them. They then discuss on how they use and make videos in their classroom. I was so surprised that they plan on what their video will be about and then record and post their videos on their blog. They also use skype to talk to other students in different parts of the world. These students also get to use their Nintendos in the classroom; what first grader wouldn't love that? Overall, I couldn't believe how advanced these first graders were in their use of technology. They seemed to enjoy what they were doing as well as learning at the same time. Although every teacher would love to use these tools in the classroom it seems to be expensive. I would love to use those materials in my classroom; however, I'm not sure that this will be a possibility because of finances.
Ms. Cassidy's Skype
The most important obstacle I think Ms. Cassidy overcame was the financial aspect. For example, I would love to have my students use technology (computers, iPods, skype, video recorders. However, these materials are expensive. She stated she got money from the federal government which answered one of my biggest questions. This is a great idea for teachers who would like to use these tools in their classroom. She also stated that she has a technology assistant available which would also be very resourceful for any teacher who would like to use blogs, skype, or other related sites. As seen in her video, she uses many different technology approaches to get her students involved (wikis, blogs, videos, Nintendos, Skype). I would love to be able to use any one of her approaches in my classroom, but mainly blogs and Skype. I feel that it is very important to get students involved in the classroom and interested in what they are learning about. She does an excellent job of getting them excited to learn, display their work, and view the work of others. The benefits from using any of her approaches are endless. For example, motivating students to get involved in what they are learning or viewing other student's work in other parts of the world is incredible. She inspires her students and opens up opportunities for them that they may not have received in any other classes.

Special Assignment

Mr. McClung
Mr. McClung has constructed his class blog in a way that is useful for his students and visitors to gain quick information about him and his class. He has tabs that deliver the person straight to the point. He also is very organized, you don't have to search around his blog to find things. Mr. McClung seems to be an excellent educator who cares about his students and wants them to be involved with his class as well as technology. For example, there are many student-made videos about the topics they are discussing in Mr. McClung's class room. After reading his class rules, I realized Mr. McClung seems to be a fairly simple teacher. He doesn't ask the impossible just five basic rules that should come naturally after the first day of K5. He seems to have a great connection to his students because he doesn't demean them. I love his rules because they are simple and straight to the point. You don't have to have 100 rules to get respect from your students; it's simple, you respect them and they will respect you. I realized by looking at Mr. McClung's blog that it is very important and resourceful to have a class blog for your students to display their work as well as obtain information quickly about an assignment or their class. Mr. McClung also provides his students with a set of internet safety rules. I think for any teacher requiring their students use blogs or the internet should imply internet safety rules. They are simple in stating never use a personal email and never use your last name. My assigned C4K post was on investigative reporting in which students posted the video of a CNN interview with James O'Keefe who is an investigative reporter. I like the tabs at on Mr. McClungs blog at the top. It makes his blog more organized and makes papers or class-related material easy to find. This also makes his blog useful to students, parents, and visitors. Information about his class is very easy to locate and parents can view their students' work. Overall, Mr. McClung is a great example for other teachers or future teachers to view how helpful and necessary creating a class blog is.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog Post 10

Ms. Bayda's Blog
Like Ms. Bayda, many of my college classroom experiences were the same as the situations Dan was speaking about in his video. I find myself in a classroom with 75-150 students and the professor doesn't bother to make eye contact, but stares at the screen where a 50 minute long power-point presentation takes place. She also makes a great point in her post when she writes about not being encouraged to speak out loud and engage in the topic when you are lucky enough to be in a smaller classroom. Every college student can appreciate Ms. Bayda's post; I'm sure everyone has had similar experiences of professors not bothering to learn your name in their class. I too agreed with many of the topics Dan was discussing during his video on Ms. Bayda's post. For example, he said that he spent hundreds of dollars on textbooks for courses that he never once opened because more valuable free information was available. He also stated that if education didn't upgrade and get with technology that it would and should die. Even if some of Dan's comments were a little extreme, he made numerous valid points.
Mr. Johnson's Blog
Mr. Johnson posted a wonderful story about a very neat program. It seems silly with all of the technology that is available to students today, but if you take all of that away for just a moment and give them a piece of paper and a pencil, many things can happen from their own minds and creativity. I also agree even if all they do is play Hangman they are still using cognitive skills. For example, they still have to use vocabulary and spelling as well as use their critical thinking skills. I think many wonderful things could come out of encouraging students to use their pencil and paper. This simple project could produce artists, writers, inventors...the list is endless. Although I think technology is great when used for education and many different approaches for using technology in education are successful, sometimes going back to simplicity for a moment can produce great things.


C4T#3 Post 1

I was assigned to Ms. Jenny She's blog, Jenny's Learning Journey She had a wonderful video about a little boy saving a starfish even though there were hundreds and he couldn't save them all, he could at least save one. I commented that people get so caught up and busy with other things they forget how simple it is to just help one person. The little boy in the video didn't care if he couldn't help all of the starfish, he stated "it mattered to one." As a future teacher, I think everyone needs to watch this video because the message is inspirational. You may not be able to help every single person, but it does matter to one.
C4T#3 Post 2

In Ms. She's second post, she had a funny video about the iPad 2. In this video, an apple representative uses "auto-tune" to enhance his voice as well as displaying all of the amazing features of the iPad 2. I commented that Apple has come a long way since the first iPod, and I do own an iPhone; however, I think the iPad is a bit pricey.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

C4K 4-6

My C4K 4 assignment was Pt England school in New Zealand. I was assigned Ray from room 18. Ray's posted that he was in room 18. I commented back and asked what sort of things does he like about being in room 18 and what was he learning currently. I also included a link where Ray could find information about me and leave a comment or question if he needed.
C4K 5
My 5th assignment was Amos from Room 22 at Pt England school. Amos collected birthdates from his classmates and plotted his results on a graph. Amos found that the most common birthdays are in June. Amos did a great job of plotting and displaying the information he collected.
This assignment was from Melville Room 8 in New Zealand. I had the Y8 room which were students 12-13 years old and their teacher is Mr.Webb. Their class blog is filled with videos and pictures about different things going on in their classroom as well as New Zealand. I was assigned to Alana's slideshow on the differences between Denmark and New Zealand. She did a great job of including national animals, sports, and what each country is known for. I commented and told her that her slide show was excellent and included a link to my blog where she could find my summary of her post.

Blog Post 9

Mr. McClung
Mr. McClung opens his essay stating that teachers have lost the drive to make their lessons student-centered and have become more focused on making them teacher centered. He then goes on to explain that it's okay if something isn't exactly on time; you have to learn how to be flexible in certain areas. Mr. McClung also hits a very good point in stating to remember to be reasonable. I agree, because sometimes teachers do have unrealistic expectations and demands. He also writes that we shouldn't be scared of technology, and to listen to our students. Lastly he writes to never stop learning. My first reaction after reading his essay is that Mr. McClung writes from a real place and has an understanding on how to write for the way life really is. He also gives excellent advice. Too often, teachers do forget that the students are the center and not the test and not their co-workers.

Friday, March 11, 2011

SMARTBoard Presentation

Blog Post 8

fist with dream
How We Dream
Dr. Miller did a great job by displaying the possibilities of technology now. In part one, he spoke about how technology now makes it possible to share and learn information internationally. He showed how it's not just about the text anymore, but more visually dynamic. He showed an example of how he not only uses hard copies for his students but also a visual copy. He then included a video of Dr. Martin Luther King to show how easily a video could be added. In part two, Dr. Miller stated that instead of just reading and taking in information, we should also be producing our own. He stated that we should put together alternative stories and share those stories. He also made a great statement, "large restrictions are the ones we place on ourselves." I agree with Dr. Miller, I think that people are capable of anything they set their minds to, but it's up to the individual to accomplish what they set out to do. He also spoke about how technology now allows us to accomplish our dreams and share them. I thought it was neat because no one can see your dreams but you, and now with technology you can produce your dream and share it with other people.
crash dummies
"Chipper Series" and "Edm for Dummies"
These student produced videos were great, I thought Edm for Dummies was hysterical. It captured what life is like in the first week of EDM310. I would be interested in creating a video to help future students in EDM310. I also think a neat idea would be to go around campus and ask people technology related questions to see how many students at South Alabama are considered "technology illiterate."
change ahead sign
"Learn to Change, Change to Learn"
I was shocked to learn that education was ranked 55th, dead last industry sectors by the U.S. Department of Commerce. I agree that children to learn more outside of school than what they are getting inside of school. I totally agree that the student should be at the center of learning and just having the school as a resource, I loved they stated the community and home are just as important for learning as the school. This video also proposed an interesting idea, to allow children to leave the school and get out into the world and collect data and learn in other places than just inside of the classroom. I also agree that standardized testing serves no purpose. I don't think that you can measure a child's intelligence and what they know from multiple choice. I think that it's about critical thinking, and this video did a great job on hitting that students need to think critically as well as using their artistic skills to figure out the answers. They also stated that if schools were more like this, then schools would create geniuses; I tend to agree.
Secret Powers and Drive
The secret powers video was so unique and creative. It took concepts such as time zones and applied them to how people live their lives socially. It also went on to use Italy as an example in the belief that people who live in the North are more future oriented than people who live in the South. The video also showed that people in different cultures live a different pace of life. I found it interesting how it was measured by timing people who walk into different places 100m. It also went on to show that when there is a high pace of life, men tend to have more coronary problems. He made a great point stating that kids now play video games and can't fit into a normal classroom because it's boring compared to the video games and the virtual worlds they can create. I found it shocking that if there was an extra day added people would chose to use it for themselves.
The Drive video showed that using cognitive skills challenges had poorer performances using larger rewards as found by a study at M.I.T. After the study, they decided to move the study to India and found once again higher incentives give poorer performance. He stated that if bosses would pay their workers enough money so they don't have to worry about it, they have more time to concentrate on their work. He also showed that an Australian company showed that one day or workers doing what ever they want, they had more ideas and projects created than any other day. He also found that when the profit motive is unattached from the purpose motive, bad services and products are created.
I feel these videos were perfect at describing how life truly is. For example, schools are placing children into a classroom to sit all day while a teacher stands at the front of the classroom and lectures without pictures, videos, or anything stimulating. These students are not wired to learn that way. The time video proved that kids need something virtual and exciting to get them to learn and be involved. The drive video also showed that money doesn't make people think harder or come up with better ideas. In a lot of ways, that's exactly what schools do but instead of money they use grades.

Short Movie Project 11

Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Progress Report on my PLN

My Symbaloo

I used Symbaloo to keep track and easy access to all of my bookmarks in my PLN. I started off with the necessities of EDM310 such as Twitter and the Blogger website. I organized my bookmarks into categories that are most used, with Facebook being at the top. My PLN helps me stay organized and up to date. For example, I have a link straight to CNN to catch up on news, and I can access my gmail and google docs just by clicking on a bookmark.


"The Fischbowl Post 1"
I was assigned to Karl Fisch's post called the Fischbowl. The first post I commented on was about how there is no one right way to include technology into the classrooms. He stated that with budget cuts, not every school can afford to add a new teacher who only teaches technology. He also implied that by adding a technology aspect in every class and not just one would be more resourceful. He was also very optimistic in saying we've come far, but we still have 89 more years left in this century. I also stated back that I agree, budget cuts are continuously going on because of the economy, and maybe students will learn better by having technology in all classes instead of just one dedicated to technology any way.
Post 2
The next post I commented on was about thinking something is impossible. Mr. Fisch stated that too often teachers hear students say that they cannot do something because it's too hard or it's impossible. He then included a video of two people fitting themselves into a tiny box, which most people would say is impossible. His post was very inspiring and motivational. I replied back that I agree 100% because too many people think things are impossible and give up before they even try. The video you see is the same video that was on his post.

Blog Assignment 7

Randy Pausch
Randy Pausch talked about many different things, in the beginning he talked about how his dreams of being in the NFL when he was a kid shaped him into the person he is today. He said that he is most comfortable on the football field. He also talked about how when he went to Disney World as a kid, it motivated him to create rides and become an engineer. He worked on virtual reality and got an in to work for Disney with an Aladin "magic carpet" ride. He also stated that "brick walls are there for a reason to let us know how badly we want something."
The next section he talks about how to enable the childhood dreams of others. He went to Carnegie Mellon University and created a course called BVW with 50 students and get projects in teams.He spread his course to five different departments. He stated that the students did an amazing job, and displayed some of there work. He also told his favorite moment was his "roller-skating ninjas" who's project didn't work so they had to go to videotape.
He stepped down and said that the way to leave something great is to leave it to someone greater. Randy and his partner Don then created the Dream Fulfillment Factory. It was a two year masters degree program about technologists working in teams to create new things. All of their time was spent making projects in teams. He said the key to their success was making people work in groups using feedback from the students in the course.
Finally, he talked about Alice...his way to teach computer programming. Randy also said that teaching kids something hard while they are having fun is the best way possible. He also said the best "head fake" comes from learning from your students. He also states that you can't get far without the help of someone. Randy tells the audience to focus on other people instead of focusing on yourself. He then rolls out a birthday cake and calls his wife on stage to wish her a happy birthday. He concludes with telling everyone to find the best in people, and to keep waiting to find the good side in people. In the end he said the ultimate head fake isn't about achieving your dreams, it's about living your life.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project 9b- Instructional Timeline

Blog Post 6

Student Network
The video was very insightful. It was about how the modern day student uses connectivism to learn instead of having a teacher lecture with a textbook. In "connected learning," the student creates his or her PLN through valid websites, blogs, and online documents. Then, the student shares the information they have gathered and bookmarked with other students who are learning the same topic. Through all of this, students learn through each other using technology. I feel that I am prepared to be a teacher of a networked student. I would love for my class to have a blog or podcast. The video also hit the importance of an iPod. I thought this was great, because the iSchool initiative convinced me iPods are the future for schools. The video showed that with an iPod, the student can watch educational podcasts about the topic they are learning from accredited professors.

Learning Network
I was impressed by the student's "personal learning envrionment." The student organized all of the bookmarks by placing the ones she uses for school at the bottom. This could come in handy for so many students, it's a way to stay organized without having the cluttered mess known as paper. I was also impressed that her science class uses a blog to tell them what they will be learning that day. I think this is a great way for students and parents to stay up to date on material. The blog also has video clips for the student to get a better inside grip on what they are learning. I too plan on doing this in my classroom. The only major differences between her PLE and my PLN is that my links are more advanced. However, I still have links to facebook and music just like she does.

SMART board
Smart Boards
After reading the two critiques of why SMARTboards aren't a great thing to have in the classroom, I found a blog explaining why they are great to have. This blog is a blog about why teachers love SMARTboards: Michael Staton wrote that SMARTboards are dumb, because the teacher still is in front of the classroom, and learning with a SMARTboard doesn't "enable social feedback." However, in the pro-SMARTboard blog, the writer explains why teachers love using SMARTboards. They write that including animations and videos in a SMARTboard presentation does in fact enable a social feedback, and gets students interested in learning. The second critique of the SMARTboard, written by Bill Ferriter, claims that SMARTboards are too expensive, and are useless. However, in the pro-SMARTboard blog, the writer states that SMARTboards are very useful in engaging students to learn, and get into the lesson.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Mr. L's class
My first c4k assignment was post by a 5th grade student in Mr.L's class. The student described how wonderful Mr. L is, and how much fun he makes learning in the fifth grade. The student also wrote that Mr.L makes every day special because he is funny. I replied that the student is lucky to have such a wonderful teacher and that it is also neat because I didn't have a male teacher until I reached high school. I also wrote that you will always remember your favorite teacher because they leave such a big impact on your life.
Girls and Princess Test book
My second c4k assignment was on a classroom at Point England School in New Zealand. There school was awarded for the computerworld excellence award in 2006. This school has google sites for every classroom, as well as a schooltv which keeps parents up to date with information. My assignment was to watch episode 331 "The Princess Test." Mubasshira and Jarna from room 17 created a video about the story "The Princess Test." The girls did a great job of summarizing the story and included pictures in their video.
My third c4k assignment was the Room 13 Kings at Pt. England school, and my assignment was to post on Lorenzo's post. He wrote about how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. He was very detailed, and included a picture of a butterfly in his post.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Assignment 5

picture of headphones

I was very impressed when I heard the podcast. I agreed that every student learns differently, and not every student may need the same tool to help them succeed. Mrs. Tolisano also made very good points at how she gives different students different jobs that best suit them. She also went on to explain that students get to do interviews through face-time conferences and she has other students who document the interview. I thought this was a great idea to get students involved while using technology at the same time.
Pod-casting Benefits
I like that he showed how if you record lectures, students have them on hand so that they can review for a test. I also agree that by using podcasts get students excited to learn. They made many great points. For example, they showed that through podcasts, a student who is sick can still be up to date on information in the classroom. I also liked the way they actually asked students how they felt about podcasting. I was surprised to hear all of the students who like podcasts in the classroom.
Scharf's Podcast Collection
Judy Scharf's post had many tips on how to create a podcast. She not only included what a podcast is but links to understanding the benefits of using a podcast in the classroom. She also posted a list of topics to get started on a podcast. This was very helpful creating my groups podcast because she showed how valuable time is during recording of a podcast. Her post was also helpful in showing how to submit a podcast on iTunes. I will now be able to use podcasts successfully thanks to her post.

Time Toast Project

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blog Post 4

blog 4 wordle
Dr. McLeod
After reading Dr. McLeod's post I do agree with him to an extent. Yes, I do believe that our children should learn how to fully use the internet as well as blogs and hyperlinks because they can be very useful and educational. However, today because of technology, identity theft has become easier to do because we leave a full biography and pictures about ourselves on the internet. Also, there are sex offenders that are online predators. I think that while we should educate our children we shouldn't completely let go and allow them to do whatever they want on the internet. Also, after reading Dr. McLeod's post I read his bio. He works at Iowa State University and also is the director of CASTLE. CASTLE is the only organization that educates schools and teachers about technology.
Throughout his video, he made very valid points about the benefits of using iTouch technology in schools. He stated that the "iSchool" would have apps that are designed specifically for the schools. This would be great for schools because everything the student needed would be on one handheld device. For example, in his video he stated that instead of carrying around books, all of the students book could be accessed through the iSchool. Also, every student has to have a notebook in order to keep up with homewoork, with the iSchool notes and homework could all be stored without paper. He also made great arguments about the cost of books, maps, paper, and other supplies needed for each student in a school system. He estimated around 600 dollars per student. He stated that the iSchool would replace all materials needed for only around 150 dollars per student. He made great arguments about the iSchool and I think this would be a great idea for any school.
"Lost Generation"
At first, I wasn't sure were the video was going other than to warn the dangers of not doing anything about the way the US is heading. Then when the video started in reverse I was amazed. I love the approach of saying the same thing in reverse but having a totally different meaning. It was an interesting technique that catches the attention of its audience. I think it would be a great way to present other material as well.
"Virtual Choir"
I thought it was amazing to produce a song that sounded beautiful when not a single person making it have ever met. It is astonishing to realize that people who haven't met and aren't from the same places can produce something so clear to listen to. It makes me wonder that if it can be done with music, what else can be accomplished.
21st Century
This video made a great point in saying that if the only thing teachers are teaching is information and facts then we aren't really teaching anything. I loved the quote "we are the filter" because it is so true. Technology provides students with information so if they have technology then sitting in a classroom hearing the same thing is useless. I agree that teachers in the 21st century do need to concentrate on teaching students what to do with the information. If we focus on critical thinking and problem solving, I believe our students can accomplish anything. Teaching in the 21st century means not so much teaching, but guiding. I think that teachers need to be seen as coaches and assistants in helping students reach their full academic potential.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Google Presentation


blogs and wikis

Creating Safe Environments
On the first post I commented on his post was titled, "Creating Safe Learning Environments." In his post he included a wonderful slide show presentation with slides that explained the importance of maintaining the classroom a safe place. His slides explained that a safe learning environment will motivate students to learn as well as get them to trust you as an educator. He also made a great point that the classroom isn't just the teachers, it is everyone's classroom and together with praise, responsibility, and working together then all goals can be accomplished. I responded to his post and told him that I loved all of his points and that if a learning environment isn't safe, then how can we expect students to learn if they are fearful. He replied back to my comments and thanked me for commenting and liking his post.
"Blended Instruction"
In his next post he was just stating he will be sharing how to use wikis and blogs and how to use them in the classroom. He also wrote that blogs can be used for parents as well as teachers in keeping track of their student's learning. I replied that before EDM310 I didn't understand how useful blogs could be.

Blog Assignment 3

A Vision Of Students Today
After watching this video I was so surprised to realize that almost every single sign that was being held up is relevant to my life. My average class size is somewhere around 50-60, with 100 level courses being somewhere around 80-100 people. The video gave great insight into what college life is like. It is hard to learn and absorb information sitting in a classroom staring at a chalkboard. Just looking around a room, at least 1/3 of the class doesn't show up except for test days. They did an excellent job in capturing what college life is really about. However, I would add how life is living on campus. Like how often crime happens at the dorms on campus. I would also add percentages about student fees and tuition costs rising. For example, at South our tuition rose 14%. However, my class sizes aren't getting any smaller, the majority of my teachers don't have Dr. in front of their name, so where is the increase in money going? Overall, they did a great job, especially showing the statistics of college student life, it shows how much all of those facts truly hit home.
""It's not about the Technology"
Ms. Hine's wrote a fantastic post about how teachers should be learners not just teachers. She stated that teachers should continuously study and learn more about the field or area they are teaching. I completely agree, if a teacher doesn't keep their knowledge and material up to date, then what is the student taking from their class that they can't find for themselves in their textbooks? In my opinion that's the whole point of having a teacher. A teacher is supposed to guide students with the right tools and materials to teach effectively. She also made another point that although a teacher may be teaching the lesson over and over again, the students aren't getting it. In Ms. Hine's words..."no teaching is being done." If this is the case, then the teacher needs to re-evaluate and come up with a better solution to teach the material in a way a student can understand and learn. She also made great points that technology isn't just about having the technology that will improve the schools, it's how and who is using it. If a teacher doesn't use the technology to full capacity then money is wasted. She made excellent points throughout her post.
Karl Fisch
I was actually surprised at how forward Mr.Fisch was in stating that that "teachers who are technology illiterate now are the equivalent to teachers who couldn't read 30 years ago." However, his statement is completely true. After reading his list my first reaction was simply WOW. After further thinking about everything he wrote I came to the conclusion that it is 100% necessary for a teacher to be up to date with technology in his or her classroom. If the teacher shuns off technology, how will the simplest tasks be completed? All of grading in Mobile county is done through a computer program called iKnow. If a teacher doesn't want to take the time in learning about computers and technology how will grading be accomplished at the least? Not every student learns through sitting at a desk and copying notes the teacher produces on a screen, that is merely regurgitation. Wouldn't class be more interesting and exciting if the teacher added clips or websites where more could be discovered in different ways on the topic they are teaching? After all, studies prove that if a child is interested, they will hold the information. I think his post was brilliant.
Social Media Count
After looking at Gary's media count I felt completely overwhelmed. As a teacher, it means that the world (technologically and socially) are always changing. This means that as a teacher who is responsible for our future generation, it is our jobs to stay as up-to-date as possible. If we as teachers stay informed we will learn to communicate and relate to students better.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog Assignment 2

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Did you know?
I couldn't believe all of the facts that were listed in the video. It was completely overwhelming and a little scary. Although the world has come a long way in terms of technology I think we may be pushing the race a little too far if there is a computer that can exceed human capability. However, it made sense to me that India has more honor students than the US has kid's because India is a much larger country than the US. I feel like if we can put so much effort into creating better and faster technology we could accomplish anything with the same effort. Therefore, in a way it gave me hope that people could find the cure for cancer and other incurable diseases. I also figured 1 in 8 marriages started with online dating; However, the fact that there are more people on Myspace than the population of the US was a little shocking.
Mr. Winkle Wakes
I wasn't sure if schools being the same despite so many advances in society overtime was a positive or a negative in the video. Obviously, to Mr. Winkles he liked the idea of a school because it was still old fashioned and was lacking in technology. However, if the world is advancing in technology everyday, shouldn't our classrooms be more up to date to give our students better opportunities for getting a job and competing internationally? Sure someone who is older will like things to go back to "old days" because times were simple, but isn't life today simple with the help of technology? I know I would much rather ask Google a question versus going to a library and researching the topic.
Importance of Creativity
I loved that he stated adults are afraid to be wrong or embarrassed so we destroy our creativity. It made so much sense to think about how creative children are because they don't care about being embarrassed or being wrong.I also got a great view of public education being wired for college entrances. Teachers today have to teach strictly to the test and don't get to stray away from statewide and nationwide standardized testing,which leaves no room for creativity. I also liked the point he made that in the future degrees will be worthless because there will be so many people who have degrees. I also feel inspired about the story of a girl who everyone thought had ADHD but really she was just a dancer. If more people tried to find what interests students instead of placing them on medication or making them stick to what the state thinks is important to memorize, I think so many wonderful artists and inventors would emerge.
Cecelia Gault
I think that Mr. Robinson hits on tons of notes that creativity is in everyone not just those labeled "creative people." I read that Cecelia goes to a performing arts school, and I think that every public school should be a performing arts school. I think that if the parents are paying the tax dollars that go to their child's school then that child should be able to take any class that the student wants to take or shows an interest in. Sure math,science,English, and history are important but studies show that students who are musically inclined have higher math and science scores than those students who aren't. I think it just keeps going back to the point that curriculum does need to change for the better, I do agree with Mr.Robinson in saying that no one person can truly measure intelligence. Intelligence comes from a wide range of spectrum's. Overall, I think we as future educators should try and incorporate creative projects and assignments in our classrooms to make learning fun and interesting to the student who maybe is a "note-taking" learner.
Harness Your Students's Digital Smarts
She had great ideas of teaching her student's outside of the box. Many studies show that teachers who don't just stand at the board and give power-points have better student response. I also likes that she teaches her students how to learn instead of just showing them how to do everything without them trying for themselves. I would love to take some of her methods to my classroom in not just being an authoritative teacher, I would love to have student/teacher led discussions and making sure everyone is involved. I also plan on teaching History, therefore I would love to use her idea of involving technology. I would like to assign projects where my students have to use technology to re-create or show historical events.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Assignment 1

My name is Kayla Nelson, and I'm a junior here at South. I have been a dancer for 16 years and I still teach dance at a local dance studio. My major is Secondary Education and Social Science. I grew up here in Mobile county where I graduated from Satsuma High School in 2008. I decided to choose South Alabama when I received both an academic scholarship and an athletic scholarship to be on the dance team "Prowlers" here at South. I have an amazing little sister. I love kids and being in schools, and history is my favorite subject; therefore, I would love to teach history. I have a ton of passions, I love music, college football (ROLL TIDE), cooking, and being around friends & family.