Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blog Assignment 3

A Vision Of Students Today
After watching this video I was so surprised to realize that almost every single sign that was being held up is relevant to my life. My average class size is somewhere around 50-60, with 100 level courses being somewhere around 80-100 people. The video gave great insight into what college life is like. It is hard to learn and absorb information sitting in a classroom staring at a chalkboard. Just looking around a room, at least 1/3 of the class doesn't show up except for test days. They did an excellent job in capturing what college life is really about. However, I would add how life is living on campus. Like how often crime happens at the dorms on campus. I would also add percentages about student fees and tuition costs rising. For example, at South our tuition rose 14%. However, my class sizes aren't getting any smaller, the majority of my teachers don't have Dr. in front of their name, so where is the increase in money going? Overall, they did a great job, especially showing the statistics of college student life, it shows how much all of those facts truly hit home.
""It's not about the Technology"
Ms. Hine's wrote a fantastic post about how teachers should be learners not just teachers. She stated that teachers should continuously study and learn more about the field or area they are teaching. I completely agree, if a teacher doesn't keep their knowledge and material up to date, then what is the student taking from their class that they can't find for themselves in their textbooks? In my opinion that's the whole point of having a teacher. A teacher is supposed to guide students with the right tools and materials to teach effectively. She also made another point that although a teacher may be teaching the lesson over and over again, the students aren't getting it. In Ms. Hine's words..."no teaching is being done." If this is the case, then the teacher needs to re-evaluate and come up with a better solution to teach the material in a way a student can understand and learn. She also made great points that technology isn't just about having the technology that will improve the schools, it's how and who is using it. If a teacher doesn't use the technology to full capacity then money is wasted. She made excellent points throughout her post.
Karl Fisch
I was actually surprised at how forward Mr.Fisch was in stating that that "teachers who are technology illiterate now are the equivalent to teachers who couldn't read 30 years ago." However, his statement is completely true. After reading his list my first reaction was simply WOW. After further thinking about everything he wrote I came to the conclusion that it is 100% necessary for a teacher to be up to date with technology in his or her classroom. If the teacher shuns off technology, how will the simplest tasks be completed? All of grading in Mobile county is done through a computer program called iKnow. If a teacher doesn't want to take the time in learning about computers and technology how will grading be accomplished at the least? Not every student learns through sitting at a desk and copying notes the teacher produces on a screen, that is merely regurgitation. Wouldn't class be more interesting and exciting if the teacher added clips or websites where more could be discovered in different ways on the topic they are teaching? After all, studies prove that if a child is interested, they will hold the information. I think his post was brilliant.
Social Media Count
After looking at Gary's media count I felt completely overwhelmed. As a teacher, it means that the world (technologically and socially) are always changing. This means that as a teacher who is responsible for our future generation, it is our jobs to stay as up-to-date as possible. If we as teachers stay informed we will learn to communicate and relate to students better.

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  1. Kayla,

    My main issue with "A Vision of Students..." is the depressing outlook it gives on a college experience. Sure, many of the statements are relevant, but what about the fun, quirky professors who know their stuff, encourage discussion, and engage students in learning?

    Also, I love that you said, "A teacher is supposed to guide students with the right tools and materials to teach effectively." You hit the nail on the chalkboard with that one!

    Great job!

    - Allie