Thursday, February 3, 2011


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Creating Safe Environments
On the first post I commented on his post was titled, "Creating Safe Learning Environments." In his post he included a wonderful slide show presentation with slides that explained the importance of maintaining the classroom a safe place. His slides explained that a safe learning environment will motivate students to learn as well as get them to trust you as an educator. He also made a great point that the classroom isn't just the teachers, it is everyone's classroom and together with praise, responsibility, and working together then all goals can be accomplished. I responded to his post and told him that I loved all of his points and that if a learning environment isn't safe, then how can we expect students to learn if they are fearful. He replied back to my comments and thanked me for commenting and liking his post.
"Blended Instruction"
In his next post he was just stating he will be sharing how to use wikis and blogs and how to use them in the classroom. He also wrote that blogs can be used for parents as well as teachers in keeping track of their student's learning. I replied that before EDM310 I didn't understand how useful blogs could be.

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