Thursday, February 24, 2011


Mr. L's class
My first c4k assignment was post by a 5th grade student in Mr.L's class. The student described how wonderful Mr. L is, and how much fun he makes learning in the fifth grade. The student also wrote that Mr.L makes every day special because he is funny. I replied that the student is lucky to have such a wonderful teacher and that it is also neat because I didn't have a male teacher until I reached high school. I also wrote that you will always remember your favorite teacher because they leave such a big impact on your life.
Girls and Princess Test book
My second c4k assignment was on a classroom at Point England School in New Zealand. There school was awarded for the computerworld excellence award in 2006. This school has google sites for every classroom, as well as a schooltv which keeps parents up to date with information. My assignment was to watch episode 331 "The Princess Test." Mubasshira and Jarna from room 17 created a video about the story "The Princess Test." The girls did a great job of summarizing the story and included pictures in their video.
My third c4k assignment was the Room 13 Kings at Pt. England school, and my assignment was to post on Lorenzo's post. He wrote about how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. He was very detailed, and included a picture of a butterfly in his post.

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