Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blog Post 4

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Dr. McLeod
After reading Dr. McLeod's post I do agree with him to an extent. Yes, I do believe that our children should learn how to fully use the internet as well as blogs and hyperlinks because they can be very useful and educational. However, today because of technology, identity theft has become easier to do because we leave a full biography and pictures about ourselves on the internet. Also, there are sex offenders that are online predators. I think that while we should educate our children we shouldn't completely let go and allow them to do whatever they want on the internet. Also, after reading Dr. McLeod's post I read his bio. He works at Iowa State University and also is the director of CASTLE. CASTLE is the only organization that educates schools and teachers about technology.
Throughout his video, he made very valid points about the benefits of using iTouch technology in schools. He stated that the "iSchool" would have apps that are designed specifically for the schools. This would be great for schools because everything the student needed would be on one handheld device. For example, in his video he stated that instead of carrying around books, all of the students book could be accessed through the iSchool. Also, every student has to have a notebook in order to keep up with homewoork, with the iSchool notes and homework could all be stored without paper. He also made great arguments about the cost of books, maps, paper, and other supplies needed for each student in a school system. He estimated around 600 dollars per student. He stated that the iSchool would replace all materials needed for only around 150 dollars per student. He made great arguments about the iSchool and I think this would be a great idea for any school.
"Lost Generation"
At first, I wasn't sure were the video was going other than to warn the dangers of not doing anything about the way the US is heading. Then when the video started in reverse I was amazed. I love the approach of saying the same thing in reverse but having a totally different meaning. It was an interesting technique that catches the attention of its audience. I think it would be a great way to present other material as well.
"Virtual Choir"
I thought it was amazing to produce a song that sounded beautiful when not a single person making it have ever met. It is astonishing to realize that people who haven't met and aren't from the same places can produce something so clear to listen to. It makes me wonder that if it can be done with music, what else can be accomplished.
21st Century
This video made a great point in saying that if the only thing teachers are teaching is information and facts then we aren't really teaching anything. I loved the quote "we are the filter" because it is so true. Technology provides students with information so if they have technology then sitting in a classroom hearing the same thing is useless. I agree that teachers in the 21st century do need to concentrate on teaching students what to do with the information. If we focus on critical thinking and problem solving, I believe our students can accomplish anything. Teaching in the 21st century means not so much teaching, but guiding. I think that teachers need to be seen as coaches and assistants in helping students reach their full academic potential.


  1. You really hit right on the money in your 21st Century response. The only thing I might add would be: technology also provides a means for students to apply/demonstrate their knowledge.

    After reading McLeod's post, now having had time to let it soak in... is the risk that you would have your students take in regards to sexual predators and identity theft worth it? Is that risk amplified any differently than the predators in your own neighborhood or the thieves you pump gas next to unknowingly?

  2. You said in the section "Virtual Choir" that if it could be done with music then what else could be accomplished...I am curious what you think could be accomplished between people from many different places that have never met? That statement really got me thinking. What else could be accomplished?? Hmmm...