Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog Post 11

"Little Kids...Big Potential"
Not only was this video cute it was impressive. These first graders are posting on their blogs, which I didn't start until my third year of college. They commented that every time they comment or create a new post their writing improves. They also use wikis to learn about certain topics in their class. For example, they were assigned to learn about different traditions and they used wikis to achieve this assignment. They also commented about other people from Alabama who worked with them. They then discuss on how they use and make videos in their classroom. I was so surprised that they plan on what their video will be about and then record and post their videos on their blog. They also use skype to talk to other students in different parts of the world. These students also get to use their Nintendos in the classroom; what first grader wouldn't love that? Overall, I couldn't believe how advanced these first graders were in their use of technology. They seemed to enjoy what they were doing as well as learning at the same time. Although every teacher would love to use these tools in the classroom it seems to be expensive. I would love to use those materials in my classroom; however, I'm not sure that this will be a possibility because of finances.
Ms. Cassidy's Skype
The most important obstacle I think Ms. Cassidy overcame was the financial aspect. For example, I would love to have my students use technology (computers, iPods, skype, video recorders. However, these materials are expensive. She stated she got money from the federal government which answered one of my biggest questions. This is a great idea for teachers who would like to use these tools in their classroom. She also stated that she has a technology assistant available which would also be very resourceful for any teacher who would like to use blogs, skype, or other related sites. As seen in her video, she uses many different technology approaches to get her students involved (wikis, blogs, videos, Nintendos, Skype). I would love to be able to use any one of her approaches in my classroom, but mainly blogs and Skype. I feel that it is very important to get students involved in the classroom and interested in what they are learning about. She does an excellent job of getting them excited to learn, display their work, and view the work of others. The benefits from using any of her approaches are endless. For example, motivating students to get involved in what they are learning or viewing other student's work in other parts of the world is incredible. She inspires her students and opens up opportunities for them that they may not have received in any other classes.

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  1. Hey Kayla,

    I am also amazed at how much these young students are doing in the way of technology. Hopefully you will have enough money for your classroom to use some type of technology. But, if you don't, I'm sure you can find a way to use some type of technology to help your students advance.

    I really think that blogs and wikis(even though I haven't used wiki spaces) are great ways to incorporate technology in the classroom. I really hope you are able to use these!

    Good post Kayla,

    Stephen Akins