Friday, April 1, 2011


C4T#3 Post 1

I was assigned to Ms. Jenny She's blog, Jenny's Learning Journey She had a wonderful video about a little boy saving a starfish even though there were hundreds and he couldn't save them all, he could at least save one. I commented that people get so caught up and busy with other things they forget how simple it is to just help one person. The little boy in the video didn't care if he couldn't help all of the starfish, he stated "it mattered to one." As a future teacher, I think everyone needs to watch this video because the message is inspirational. You may not be able to help every single person, but it does matter to one.
C4T#3 Post 2

In Ms. She's second post, she had a funny video about the iPad 2. In this video, an apple representative uses "auto-tune" to enhance his voice as well as displaying all of the amazing features of the iPad 2. I commented that Apple has come a long way since the first iPod, and I do own an iPhone; however, I think the iPad is a bit pricey.

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