Thursday, April 28, 2011


Post 1
My assignment was to comment on Mr. Wees' blog. His post was about "Edcamp Vancouver- The best Professional Development." He stated that this professional development session turned out to be successful for a couple of reasons.
1. People weren't required to come, it was optional.
2. They kept the actual lecture to around 15-20 minutes, the rest of the time was spent talking and gaining the opinion of other colleagues.
I commented that this sounded like an amazing session because the actual lecture wasn't so long, it left time to still be excited to talk to other professionals.
Post 2
The second post was about how people in the U.S. aren't as educated in math and science as other countries. Mr. Wees stated something that stuck out to me, he said that we are being taught but we aren't learning the material. For example, he states that most students in the U.S. can tell you "the slope equals rise over run, and can name parts of a cell, but cannot apply any of these to real life."
Mr. Wees is so correct, if I were handed an organism to view under a microscope I would have no idea if I where looking at mitochondria or the golgi apparatus. Mr. Wees made me more open-minded to the idea that our education system is truly failing. I commented on his post and left a link to my blog and thanked him for sharing his insight on the situation.

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  1. So a good question is, if you see the same problem with the education system that I do, what can we do to change it?

    By the way, my name is spelled Wees, not Wess. :)