Thursday, April 28, 2011

Special Assignment- Metaphors

I embarrassingly missed the metaphor in Tom Johnson's post. After re-reading his post, the metaphor was painfully obvious. I think that I missed the metaphor because I was taking his post too seriously and was partially confused. I was so concerned about making sure all of my work was done and turned in on time that I completely missed the metaphor. After Dr. Strange's post, I literally began to see metaphors everywhere. I started with the night news when the meteorologist said the "week calls for clear skies;" I flipped to the sports channel and they stated that the player "was like hitting a brick wall." I also spotted many metaphors on my iPod as well. I think as future educators, we can better explain metaphors and assign metaphor activities to make sure that students don't miss metaphors and can understand metaphors. I think we should use metaphors for many different reasons. Metaphors offer a more creative way to write, speak, do artistic activities, and for everyday life. Metaphors allow people to tell a story saying the facts, but using creative ways to tell the story.

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