Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog Post 13

ALEX is the Alabama Learning Exchange and is apart of the Alabama Department of Education. ALEX is a way to share different types of learning materials and also serves as a resource for teachers, parents, and students. It includes lesson plans, links, and educational activities. ALEX is also undergoing change according to feedback.
Under the course of study tab, it lists every course category taught in the state of Alabama public schools, and is adjustable to grade level. The categories also give a link to specific classes that shows the standards that are taught in the class and gives lesson plans to those standards as well. ALEX also provides a workspace that has a user name and password so teachers can create and save lesson plans. The most important link to me is the professional learning link. This link allows for grants to be applied for as well as other links to special education resources, school improvement, leadership, and English learners.
As a future teacher, I think that this website is extremely important to teachers. It provides a resource database as well as tools to help with classroom management. I think the links to special education and English learners is very important; because often teachers who aren't special education teachers will have special education children in their classroom. I think this is a wonderful project and I look forward to using ALEX when I begin teaching.
ACCESS is a program that uses technology in video-conferencing and web based materials. It provides students access to advanced diplomas, dual enrollment, and other great opportunities. Feedback from students are already stating that using ACCESS is better than regular education classrooms, and faculty agrees. This is a great tool to get students into technology and offer them a better education as well. The ACCESS website provides links to sign up for ACCESS, as well as a list of courses, and a link for professionals who would like to become apart of the ACCESS staff. The website also includes a link for students and parents to learn more about ACCESS as well as understand the policies and goals of ACCESS.

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